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Drafting Service

Southeastern Computer Services can provide technical blueprints from your descriptions, sketches, or products themselves. We will gladly format the drawings to conform to your quality standards. Professional, accurate, production blueprints are our specialty as well as assembly and instruction manuals or production work orders. We can supply your drawings to you as hard copies up to size 'D', the autocad files can be e-mailed to you or anyone you choose, or your drafting project can be mailed or FedEx'd to you on CD(s).

Our cad drafting service can help you replace those out-of-date sketches that keep contributing your scrap parts. No job to small!

Professional Autocad blueprints

Professionally drafted blueprints created in programs such as Autocad can help you look, and be, more professional as well as help improve your return on investment.

Having your blueprints in autocad format makes your company more efficient in several ways. 1) the autocad file can be used for the basis in many manufacturing processes such as cnc machine programming. 2) it is extremely easy to get clear, professional blueprints to your manufacturers, potential manufacturers or suppliers. Simply attach the Autocad .dwg file(s) to an e-mail and send it. You won't have to interpret microscopic, streaked drawings like you do with blueprints sent over a fax. E-mailing makes it extremely easy to send your print to numerous suppliers or manufacturers for quoting to be certain you are getting the most for your money. 3) No need to completely redraw your prints when changes are made, simply update the existing file.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our drafting service or for a free quote on any of our services. No job to small!

drafting related services

• Plots of your drawings up to size D.
• Instruction Manuals
• print revisions
• manufacturing blueprints
• assembly drawings

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