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Search Engine Submission

Once your web site has been optimized to rank well in search engines, it's time to submit your site for indexing.
We offer a different type of service than most search engine submittal companies. We don't submit your site to 1,500 different search engines via some software program. What we do is manually submit your site to the top 10-15 search engines and directories. We don't get business because submitting to search engines is difficult. We get most of our business because submittal can be very time consuming, especially for large sites.

How We Submit Your Site

We like to use a web sites 'site map' when to submitting to search engines that do not have a robot. We usually open two different browsers, one with the site map, the other with the search engines add URL page. We then open each of the pages on your site and copy the URL and paste it into the 'add URL' form. Not only does this ensure that you get the correct URL submitted, the site map provides you with a check list to ensure all the pages on your site added. If you decide to do this yourself, be sure to read each search engines submission guidelines. Not following each search engines guidelins is the easyest way to get your site banned.

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